Pianissima Portrait





I had the honour and privilege to spend a whole week in Janow in front of Pianissima’s stall, sketching her head for my sculpture during the summer of 2014. Although she was pregnant of Pamina, she was in perfect condition.

Imagine the scene of Pianissima and I: face to face with the most famous, admired and beloved Arabian horse; studying her, touching her and being inspired by her, for hours, in that idyllic singular place.

Now, when I look at the bronze piece, I feel transferred to those formidable days.

I want to thank Mr. Marek Trela for his kindness and generosity, giving me the chance to live this unforgettable experience, as well my thanks to all the Janow Podlaski team.

Thank you Pianissima.


Pianissima’s bronze sculptures measure 55.6 x 57 x 17.4 cm (21.9 x 22.4 x 6.8 in)
In case you are interested in purchasing one of our limited edition works please contact us at
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by Ernest Massuet

2016 Original bronze (7 pieces + 4 author copies) signed, numbered and autentified

Two patina versions available, realistic finish, black finish.