When the project aims to immortalize a horse, the first challenge is to achieve a thorough knowledge of the animal, to understand what makes it special and unique.

This is done by taking around 200 measurements in situ of the horse. To complement it, the animal is filmed in order to visualize it until reaching the maximum understanding in both movement and standing. Only then does the creative process begin: deciding how to sculpture that unique personality and its dominant style: calm, defiant, sweet, spirited …

In all the horse sculptures, the head is modeled live for a week. The head is the most expressive part and only this way one can capture all the nuances and details in different emotional states of the animal.

From here, we build a rigid frame that we call skeleton and the animal is modeled using professional plasticine.

The original plasticine is passed to plaster to refine and polish to the smallest detail (eyebrows, eyes ..).

And ready to travel to the bronze foundry!

Ernest's sculptures are founded
at Pangolin Editions Foundry in England.

When the original arrives at the foundry the process begins with lost wax: it is a millennial process, in which for each reproduction in wax a unique mold is built and will be destroyed in the process of foundring, thus turning each piece into unique and exclusive.

In this last phase comes the handcrafted and meticulous work of chiselling, polishing and polishing of bronze.

The final mastery point is the patina process of sculpture.

By accelerating the natural oxidation of bronze with chemical processes and fire, it reaches the incredible range of colors and tones that we have only found in this foundry.

This type of process, so handmade and controlled, allows an optimum result and guarantees that Pangolin Editions can number and certify the numbered series in very limited editions of each sculpture: only 7 original works.