About me

In my childhood memories I have a special place for the long hours that I spent creating animals from clay or plasticine, especially the flocks of white horses that came out of my dreams and which I modeled to store in boxes.

The adventure came true when, at the age of 7, my grandfather gave me Daina, my first mare, with whom we grew up and galloped together for many years. I kept sculpting every horse that stole my heart, like the magnificent stallion owned by my coach: a beautiful specimen that in my memories proudly piafa each time it is hooked and whose long mane touches the ground. The day he saw the sculpture I made of that brave horse, he looked at me with emotion and said, “Ernest, leave everything and dedicate yourself to this.” It was the first time I heard the words “talent” and “vocation”.

The years have passed and my vocation remains intact, coupled with the passion I feel for this noble animal.

Though some things have changed: I have had teachers who have taught me better techniques, who have shown me how to deepen the anatomy of animals, and which have helped me to get the best out of each material.

The Scholarship LladrĂ³ Porcelain and working for a long time with delicate and fragile porcelain, allowed me to master the language of this exquisite material.

I have worked human and animal realism, fantasy …. I have traveled all over the world with demonstrations of my work, meeting people through my sculpture. Currently there are pieces of mine in several museums and illustrious personalities like the Queen of England or Queen Sofia of Spain have some of my sculptures.

Today I begin a new adventure, the moment to finally join my two passions. An adventure in which only matters realism, naturalness and simplicity, without artifice. It is important to portray in an honest way the best and unique of each animal, closing the circle and returning to horses all the good they have given me.

Pianissima is the first fruit of this new dream. And, as many years ago, I get strenght from moved words that now come from Marek Trela:

“Ernest has perfectly captured the essence and beauty of Pianissima. I feel thrilled every time I look at it. It is an idyllic piece”